Legal Insurance

We all hear about many types of insurance such as life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and many other insurance sectors, but have you ever thought about insuring your legal life?

The application of legal rules in the conduct of government business and that the effectiveness of insurance comes as a modern means of facing risks.

Our team began to implement the idea of ​​legal insurance for its clients, whether individuals or companies, by concluding an annual legal services agreement between our office and clients, which represents the insurance coverage for the client or the company that guarantees the preservation of his rights and legal protection throughout the year by providing the necessary consultations for the client to take the legally correct decision in all aspects of his personal and professional activities at all levels, civil, commercial, criminal and family affairs, as well as following up their legal affairs at all stages, whether in police departments, dispute resolution offices or courts of all degrees and specializations, and everything related to the client’s needs in terms of debt collection, bank transactions, consulting Contract review, contract drafting, government departments, courts, immigration and passports, work and workers.