Company's laws

Our strategic partners establish companies, and our team includes specialists in procedures and announcements of institutions and companies with appendices of amendments at all ministries, local and federal departments, including, for example:

The Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Department of Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our team`s mission in this regard is not limited regarding the registration of companies, but also preceded by meetings with our clients to study the nature of their potential business and then choose the preferred type of company to carry out their business after approving the type of company, and then we proceed to drafting the company’s articles of incorporation and signing it by the parties concerned before submitting it within the registration procedures and then obtaining the license and commercial register of the company from the competent authorities.

It is worth noting that our team has outstanding experience in registering and transferring ownership of companies by taking all appropriate measures to protect both the seller and the buyer as the case requires, and the interest of both parties.